Encoding REST responses in Jersey 2

Jersey provides a simple yet elegant way to compress the REST responses. It ships with a EncodingFilter that handles the compression of responses as they are sent to the client. »

Linux Shell – The grep command

grep command is one of the most useful tools in unix/linux. grep is used to search files for a particular pattern of characters and print the matched lines »

Linux Shell – The sed Command

sed is a text transformation tool, available on all unix systems, is an extremely efficient way of quickly replacing words, deleting blank lines. »

File Uploads with Laravel and Dropzone

File uploads with laravel and dropzone is breeze, thanks to the powerful filesystem that comes bundled with laravel and the drag and drop upload feature provided by dropzone.js. »

Logging Recent Views & Implementing a View Counter in Laravel

Logging recent views by an user can sometimes be tricky. However Laravel provides a flexible way to log the views and also create a counter. »